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Organic Compost




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Garden Soil
Curbside composting is easy
And the more that join, the more cost savings we earn.

Milton has partnered with Black Earth to give residents a 30% discount on our original bills once we hit 300 subscribers!


AND .....WE DID IT!!!

OUR NEW GOAL: 600 by 2025!!!


Check out the new pricing!


Compost is an easy way to reduce kitchen scraps, create natural fertilizer, and reduce methane emissions. You can compost at home, or have Black Earth or Bootstrap pick it up and bring back your bucket.

Here's some tips on composting at home. Remember, the DPW makes compost bins available to Milton Residents at wholesale prices. Residents can purchase an Earth Machines composter at the Treasurer's Office at Town Hall for $46. The composters will then be available for pickup at the Milton DPW Yard (629 Randolph Avenue) on the following Thursday. 

Here is a video about how to use the Earth Machine or other home compost bins. Note: This video is borrowed with permission from the City of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The video states the price of the Earth Machine for Vancouver residents. In Milton, the Earth Machine is $46.

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