Photo Summary

Our Team

Erick Ask

Erick Ask has lived in Milton since 2006.  He is a scientist for a large chemical company.  His sustainability interests primarily focus on active transportation (walking and bicycling) and he is a member of the Milton Bicycle Advisory Committee and a Safe Routes to School supporter.  In addition he has placed solar panels on his roof, purchased an electric car, composts, uses rain barrels and tracks his carbon footprint. 


Didi Emmons

Though Didi Emmons has been on the board for 1.5 years, she humbly fills the roll as Vice President.

She has been living in Milton for seven years. Didi, a chef, has founded four restaurants and written three cookbooks (some have sold better than others!).  Her specialty is vegetarian cuisine.  The last restaurant she founded is the non-profit Haley House Bakery Cafe in Roxbury, which offers access to healthy affordable food for those in Dudley Square and where some of the staff are trained from homelessness or incarceration.

Interface Designer

Henry MacLean 

Henry is an architect and educator who worked with several large architectural firms in Boston before opening his own practice, Timeless Architecture in 1988. He has been promoting and teaching Green Design since co-chairing the Committee on the Environment with the Boston Society of Architects in 1989. He has taught and developed ongoing curricula at the BAC’s Sustainable Design Institute and Wentworth Institute of Technology.  An active SM member since 2010, he chaired the Milton Alternate Energy Committee between 2010-2015.

Interface Designer

Louis Pierro

Louis Pierro was born in NYC and later lived in Eastern Long Island where he graduated from Riverhead High School in 1969.  He attended Syracuse University before moving to the Boston area in 1974.  In 1985 he and his wife Maureen Fahey moved to Milton where they have been since, and where both their children Joe and Cat graduated from Milton High. When first in Milton Louis worked with Loyola Sylvan, Martha Curtis and others to get recycling started in this town attending meetings at Loyola’s house.   Louis became active in Sustainable Milton shortly after it was created in 2006 by Laurie Macintosh, and has been a board member most of the years since, with membership as his primary task.  He urges you all to get involved and be both a financial and active member.


Tara Manno Richer

Tara Manno Richer bike-commutes year-round and has been active with Sustainable Milton since it was founded.  A former President and Vice President of the SM board, Tara was part of the Milton Alternate Energy Committee that helped Milton gain Green Communities status in 2010. She is concerned about climate change and the standard American diet/farming practices. Tara enjoys many outdoor activities and cooking with locally grown, seasonal foods.   Having worked for a MA environmental agency for many years she contributes to our knowledge base in many ways, notably managing and writing the newsletter as well as addressing solid waste issues such as recycling and composting.


Tucker Smith

Tucker Smith has been a Milton homeowner for 40 years and married to Hale (also climate-active) for 43.Personal priorities focus on: conservation, environment, horticulture, choral music, writing, walking, and nurturing family and community (after growing up abroad).  An active member of many Milton non-profits for years, she worked at Blue Hills Trailside Museum when their two sons were young ("alumni" of Chickatawbut Hill's Norman Smith Education Center summer camp) and currently co-chairs First Parish Milton's Green Action Team, which is working to "solarize" its Meeting House.   


Daryl Warner

Daryl Warner is a long time board member and currently our board President.Daryl moved his family to Boston 1985 from the midwest. They moved to Milton because they wanted to be close to the Blue Hills Reservation. Mass Save and a 7 year interest free loan helped financed insulating his home and paid for solar hot water and a Vermont Casting wood burning fireplace insert. Over the years Daryl has benefited from CFLs, and lately LEDs through the Mass Save program.  He also signed a 20 year lease for a roof mounted solar PV array.After owning a vegoil/biodiesel fueled VW  Jetta his family switched to two plug in electric vehicles, a Chevy Volt and a Chevy Bolt.He is an avid supporter of Brookwood Community Farm CSA..