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@ the Green Fair this year!

Here's an extra shout-out to our electrifying Electric Vehicle (EV) demonstrators at Sustainable Milton's Green Fair 2022. 

Our May newsletter inadvertently omitted them from our list of amazing demo-folks -- all of whom attended and shared their important sustainable community contributions to the general public. 

Sustainable Milton has been instrumental in many, if not all efforts to electrify and Solarize Milton over the years, and we will continue to do so. 

THANK YOU to Hale Smith (Tesla Model 3), Daryl Warner (Chevy Bolt), Debbie Alsebai (Kia Niro), and Didi Emmons (Hyundai Kona) for sharing their vehicles on April 30 and for educating people about one opportunity they've chosen to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and to go Zero Emission for our Future!


See More Photos of the Green Fair and see, not only the EV sharing we all love but other sustainable opportunities!

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