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Saturday May 4th,  11 am - 3 pm

We are excited to host a CHILDREN'S CLOTHING & SPORTS EQUIPMENT Swap!

On Saturday, May 4th, Sustainable Milton is hosting a Children’s Clothing and Sports Equipment** Swap. A tent will be set up on the lawn of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church at 535 Canton Ave (the white church to the left of Town Hall if you stand facing Town Hall).


By swapping gently used clothes and equipment, we keep items with "plenty of life left" IN our community and OUT of landfills or textile recycling bins. No registration is necessary.


 - Here's how it works - 


6pm to 8pm  Friday, May 3rd  -OR-  11am to 11:45  Saturday, May 4th
Participants bring up to one garbage bag* full of children’s clothing to tents set up at the Green Fair and volunteers will place them in the appropriate well-marked sections by SIZE. Volunteers will then take time to organize the 'Swap Shop'. While swappers wait, they can peruse other parts of the Green Fair.

12pm to 1:30 Saturday, May 4th
Swappers start shopping for up to the same amount of items they brought.

1:30 to 2:15pm Saturday, May 4th 
People who did not contribute to the Swap can shop the remaining items so that we can keep as many items from our community IN our community and OUT of landfills and incinerators.

2:15pm Saturday, May 4th 

Begin breaking down the Swap. Any leftover clothing will be donated to local organizations.


To make this event a success, we ask that you ONLY bring items that you would give to a friend.
No shoes, no items that are stained, torn or requiring repair. Please re-check all items you are bringing as we have found that stains seem to become more apparent after having been stored - things that looked like they were worth passing when you packed them up may no longer look that way!


Any items not chosen to be taken by swappers will be available for the public to peruse for the remainder of the fair.


Have a question? Want to help? Have a clothing rack or folding table we could borrow? 



We ask that participants come with a spirit of sharing the resource that is used clothing and work together to make this a successful community event for all.


*if you are bringing a garbage bag of clothing of multiple sizes, it will help us be more organized if things are roughly packed by size - maybe using a small shopping bag inside your larger garbage bag, for example.


**if you want to bring sports equipment, please keep in mind that we have limited space. For example, a soccer ball or baseball glove can be accepted but if you want to swap larger gear (perhaps a set of hockey pads, for example) you can keep that item at home or in your car for the easiest swapping and we’ll provide you with an index card to write the item details (including size) and your contact information so that anyone interested in that item can get in touch about getting it from you that day.


Interested in a Women’s Clothing and Accessories Swap? See the May 11th event listing at the Milton Public Library at

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