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In Milton, our homes account for about 55% of our total CO2 emissions from the Town, and just over 80% of carbon emitted from all buildings on town. While the average car efficiency is measured in miles per gallon (24.9 in the US in 2019), energy efficiency in buildings is measured in BTU’s per square foot, per year. (One BTU = the heat of a kitchen match, and the figure is tallied per 1,000, as KBTU/ SF/YR.) That average number, also called the energy utilization index (EUI) is calculated for every climatic region. In the greater Boston area, the average existing home uses about 72,000, or 72 K BTU/ SF/YR.


In addition to several Green Home Fairs and a 2019 Green Home presentation series, Sustainable Milton has been actively supporting the transition to carbon free homes, as Massachusetts has now committed to a goal of Net Zero Energy for all buildings by 2050. While reducing energy use with Energy Star certified products and securing clean renewable sources for that energy are key aspects of greening our homes, additional components that address materials, transportation and water in design and construction are included in rating systems like LEED for Homes and the Living Building Challenge.

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