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Changes in what and how we plant make a big difference in the health of our yards. What we use to maintain our natural spaces, can also make a big difference to the overall health of our neighborhoods. There are a lot of little things that we can do in our yards that can help make it more sustainable and add more hospitable green space to our neighborhoods! 

Planting native species provides many benefits to our yards. Native plants are more suited to local climates and soil conditions, therefore they  require less pest control, water, and fertilizer than introduced species need. They are an energy rich reward to all varieties of pollinators, and they restore the biodiversity of the fauna and add natural beauty all around us. 

Another way to sustain our yards is to consider replacing old gas-powered lawn equipment with quiet, electric tools to help reduce noise AND air pollution. There are many options in electric/battery powered lawn mowers, trimmers and other outdoor yard implements at local hardware stores. And if you are a 100% Green Energy Customer, you'll be making an even more sustainable impact! 

Take a Deeper Dive and explore the Helpful Links below to learn more ways we can all enhance the sustainability of our yards!

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