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There is a strong social and scientific consensus that climate and ecosystems are changing here and around the world.  While the climate has always been changing, we know that humans are responsible for it changing at a rapid and accelerating pace that will be more and more difficult to adapt to over time.  We know that climate change threatens our health, prosperity, and security: it affects clean water, food supplies, the security of our homes and infrastructure, our health, and the natural resources that drive our economy.  We know that these impacts will get more severe at an accelerating rate every year that we delay action.

The Select Board recently approved the creation of a new Climate Action Planning committee!  Residents interested in serving on this committee are encouraged to apply by filling out the Volunteer Application. Please contact Town Administrator Nicholas Milano with any questions or for more information at 617-898-4845 or   You can read about the committee's statement of purpose here.

Sustainable Milton has a Climate Action working group that partners with the town and residents to drive climate action.  We meet on alternate Tuesday evenings.  Fill out our volunteer form if you're interested in joining us.

Visit our action platform to learn about the most impactful steps you can take personally to slow climate change.  It provides background on why the actions matter, and step by step instructions specifically for Milton residents.

Learn more about how climate change is impacting our community by clicking here.

Take Action at Home

Do you worry about climate change but feel powerless to do anything about it?  Well, there’s power in community.  Find out what your neighbors are doing by visiting Sustainable Milton’s action platform.  It offers recommendations and step-by-step guidance to take actions that will have a large impact.  Feeling proud of your compost pile or your switch to 100% green electricity?  Encourage and inspire your neighbors by creating a profile and posting a testimonial!

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