Unbalanced Scales of Justice
Environmental Justice! 

Show your support for Climate Action!

On Wednesday evening, March 9*, Melinda Collins, Milton Selectwoman, will present Town Engineer Marina Fernandes's proposal to launch the process of creating a comprehensive municipal Climate Action Plan. 

Sustainable Milton encourages members to attend (via Zoom) the public Select Board meeting to show their support. *[Note: this date and agenda are not yet finalized but will be found on the town's website here, with Zoom link.]

Sustainable Energy

Support Green Future Act for MA (H.3292)

Sign the petition https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/support-the-green-future-act/


[Milton's State Rep. Bill Driscoll, Jr. is its lead sponsor. Goals: net-zero MA emissions by 2050 by charging fossil fuel importers to fund green infrastructure. 60% of all spending must benefit Environmental Justice communities. Time-sensitive!]

 Oppose polluting Peabody Peaker Plant  [Watch this 5.3 min. YouTube video).


Gov. Charlie Baker 888-870-7770   constituent.services@state.ma.us   @MassGovernor

Sec. Kathleen Theoharides 617-626-1000   env.internet@mass.gov    @EEASecretary 

[A peaker plant runs only in periods of high electricity demand; site is in the middle of a designated Environmental Justice community.) 

Industrial Smoke

Green Up Milton and the Green Fair April 30 and May 1
More information soon! Stay tuned!


Contact your state legislators NOW, please!!!!!


Massachusetts needs to update its 1983 Bottle Bill  with a new version (H3289/S2149) to cover products like water, sports drinks, liquor "nips," teas, and other beverages, and to increase the deposit incentive to 10-cents.  Modern bottle bills have boosted redemption rates / reduced the solid waste stream and litter in ME, MI, OR, and elsewhere. The Town of Milton banned single-use local plastic bags in recent past.  Let's get going NOW, before February, to move this bill out of the Joint TUE Committee where it's "stuck." Contact [1] your state legislators to co-sponsor H3289/S2149; and [2] Sen. Mike Barrett (mike.barrett@masenate.gov) and Rep. Jeffrey Roy (jeffrey.roy@mahouse.gov), TUE Co-chairs. 


By the way, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts produces nearly 6M tons of waste annually, mostly beverage containers. Solid waste burned in incinerators pollutes nearby neighborhoods (not to mention diesel-powered trucks which haul the tonnage) and is an Environmental Justice (EJ) issue. We can DO this! Please DO.