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A Simple Choice to Reduce Climate Impact and Manage Electric Bills

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Sustainably Speaking Article

Written by Tracy Dyke-Redmond.

The recent alarming news about climate change and increasing electric bills has left many people unsure about what to do about their own electricity use. Fortunately, the Town of Milton provides a straightforward solution that not only saves money on electric bills but also contributes to renewable energy projects in our region. Now is the time to check if you are participating in the Milton Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA) program, and consider opting for the Milton Green 100% option to make a significant difference in combating climate change.

What is the Milton CEA Program?

Milton CEA is a municipal electricity aggregation program that allows towns like Milton to contract with an energy supplier for their residents and businesses. The program offers three choices: Basic, Green, and Green 100%, which provide varying amounts of renewable energy.

How does it help manage bills?

By participating in the Milton CEA program, customers benefit from a three-year fixed-price contract with an energy supplier. Unlike Eversource's Basic Service, which fluctuates based on market prices, Milton CEA offers stable prices until November 2024. And, although future savings cannot be guaranteed, to date Milton CEA prices have been lower than the Eversource Basic Service rate. As of July 1, a residential customer that uses 500 kWh/month will save $26.15/month with Milton CEA Green, and $9.79/month with Green 100%.

Why choose Milton Green 100%?

The Milton Green 100% option provides the highest support for renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind, in New England. Through the purchase of Class I renewable energy certificates (RECs), Milton CEA helps finance clean energy projects in the region. Opting for Green 100% ensures that your electricity usage is backed by 100% RECs from New England, which not only contributes to renewable energy growth but also qualifies as a deduction on federal income taxes for enrolled customers.

Does this program make a difference?

Yes, it does. Unlike some misleading electricity suppliers, Milton CEA purchases only high-quality Class I RECs from New England, making it a genuinely green option. By choosing the Green 100% option, customers actively support renewable energy projects while enjoying stable prices.

How do I know if I'm participating in the Milton CEA?

Check your most recent Eversource electric bill under "Total Charges for Electricity." If you are enrolled in Milton CEA, the Supplier will be listed as NEXTERA ENGYSV MA-MILTON AGG. You can also verify the plan you have chosen by checking the supply rate.

How do I enroll?

For more information and to enroll in the Milton Green 100% Option, see There is no cost associated with changing products within the program or switching from Eversource Basic Service to Milton CEA options. If you are currently enrolled with a different energy supplier, confirm if there are any penalties or fees before making a change. You can also learn more at:



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