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The transportation sector (cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes and boats) plus gas/oil powered machines are responsible for tons, upon tons of green house gas emissions on an annual basis, and have been for decades and decades. Ever improving, robust battery technology is now able to power this sector quite efficiently. Most of the world’s auto manufacturers are developing cars and trucks that have ever increasing “range” that allow them to go further and further on a single battery charge. Plus, the public charging network is continuing to develop to make finding a place to charge, when away from home much easier.


Fossil fuels have been incredibly instrumental in the development of the world's societies, economies, and “getting things done.” 


The stuff we need to get done can now “get done” using sustainable, renewable sources of energy (solar, geo-thermal, wind, batteries, electrifying) in a never increasing, more efficient way with tons, upon tons less environmental pollution (human, plant, animal, crop, noise, air, ground, water)and vibration. Please read more about opinions, options, alternatives and solutions at our Helpful Links.


Is now the best time to get yourself a bike? 

Riding a bike is an amazing way to stay in good health, but also to offset your carbon footprint. Replace car trips with riding a bike! Car transportation is one of the biggest offenders of fossil fuel emissions, unless you have an EV.  Finding other modes of transportation can be a great, fun way to reduce your impact! 

Picking out a bike may feel a bit overwhelming, but there are some great resources out there, including many local bike shops who are always willing to help. The Fall season is a great time to be shopping for one, as bicycle universe explains in this article! And many shops are now having fall sales. Support your Local Bike Shop!

If purchasing a new bike is not in your budget, considering a used one can be a less expensive and a more sustainable option. There are many available on facebook marketplace or craigslist - just make sure you know your size and test ride them before purchasing! 

Contributed by Sustainable Milton Member Mike Kenneally, Newsletter November 2022.


The Milton Master Plan Implementation Committee would like to invite community members to comment on the current Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan (June 2022). View and contact us with your constructive 

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