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Didi Emmons

Science tells us there is too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere causing the planet to lose many beautiful landscapes, animal and plant species, while threatening coastal cities, towns like Milton, and life for all of us as well. And it’s Christmas/Chanukah and everyone wants to get in the mood. One of the best ways to do this is gift giving. But might we be gilding the lily? The average amount an individuals pends on gifts is $920. And that’s not just Milton! this is country-wide. And,what cost does a gift, besides its retail cost, have on the environment? Can we take care of our planet and still give gifts? We at Sustainable Milton think yes. Here are some ways…. Louis Pierro: Gift memberships to places like Mass Audubon, Milton Art Center,Arnold Arboretum, Friends of the Blue Hills, Neponset River Watershed, Mass Sierra Club and others. Give bike helmets, lights, locks and yellow reflective biking vests and anything else that helps reduce energy. Daryl Warner: I recommend experiences instead of things. Or bamboo eating utensils, solar or LED lights, a Brookwood CSA share. Also, avoid getting things shipped to our homes. Drive your electric vehicle to the store! Tucker Smith: Cook a meatless meal and invite friends to eat it. When shopping,go for high quality goods that will last, or can be repaired/recycled safely(no microfibers). Buy local. Support artists and artisans. Explore second-hand and charity thrift shops for inexpensive items of all kinds -- a novelty plate for your homemade sugar cookies with sprinkles will cost you about $2 at Savers. It's really fun! Henry MacLean: Sign up for Green Electricity by visiting Energy Switch Massachusetts. Discover how renewable energy credits (REC’s) are helping shift us all to carbon free power. This also might the winter to retire the old gas unit for a similarly priced, light weight, quiet, carbon and hassle free snowblower (like the Ego 56V). Clear heavy wet snow on even long driveways with renewable, green energy! Fred Taylor: Reusable beeswax food wraps and SKOY scrubbing pads, available from Grommet and Amazon. Maxine Frutkoff: Give “memberships" - to museums and similar institutions(especially "local" ones) - like Wakefield Estate, Suffolk Resolves House/Milton Historical Society, John Adams house, Eustis House, The Forbes Museum. Stay Local ! Tara Manno Richer: A gift certificate for native vegetation from a MA vendor.Go to Town of Milton DPW website, thanks to Milton Shade Tree Advisory Committee. Or for more ideas, go to Didi Emmons: Buy a pair for yourself and your partner - Waterproof lightweight Hiking Boots from LL Bean. Range from $125-$175. These shoes will coddle your ankles so old sprains remain old. And the Blue Hill trails are just yards away!To join a group go to and enter “hiking Blue Hills”. Sustainable Milton (SM) raises awareness, educates and motivates residents,town government and businesses to reduce waste of all forms, to help create a healthy, vibrant future for all. Click “JOIN” at



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